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What Women Want in the Bedroom by Ethel Florence

Women are complicated creatures. Often they say one thing and mean another thing altogether. Even in the longest running and happiest relationships there can be breakdowns in communication and this can certainly be true in the bedroom... If you are a new couple there will definitely be things she will want you to do, but she won't dare ask... Even if you have been with your woman for years there will still be things that she wants you to try or do differently. Unless you want to look like you don't know what you're doing, you don't want to ask her. So how are you going to find out what women want?

As I'm sure you worked out the simple answer is 'Get someone else to ask for you'. But who can you get to ask women on your behalf? You don't want your buddies to find out that you want help in the bedroom... I'm sure you'd be too old or embarrassed to be asking the parents... Who does that leave?

Well lets start at the beginning shall we?

Talking ,saying the right things .tell her that she is nice and mean it.It doesn't matter if its the first night,or the twenty first night or indeed the twenty first year,because a woman likes to be told she is nice and you can say that with ease because if you are in the bedroom on the bed believe me she is nice.

Nothing is more important to a woman than knowing that you have a connection. It can be as simple as telling her that you were thinking about her, and missed her, nothing over-the-top, just honest and caring conversation.

Remember that being intimate does not have to mean being sexual. Once in a while ask her probing questions and give her more than one-word replies when she asks you the same. Confide in her, and let her know that you appreciate her listening.

Hugging is always nice not only in the bedroom,but especially in the bedroom, kissing is a very important part of the bedroom scene,there are just so many places that a woman likes to be kissed.

Foreplay is a critical and crucial part of the whole lovemaking experience. It is simply define as everything that comes before actual intercourse. A couple needs foreplay to spice up their sex life, get fully aroused and heighten pleasure.

Women need foreplay to become properly lubricated. For women foreplay is a bit more complicated. Direct genital touching is the last place you should go, consider every where else on her body as a good place to touch, massage and kiss before you go there. Letting her know that she is wanted for more than sex, that she is cared about as a woman, is what really turns her on.

There is no time limit on foreplay, usually the longer it takes the more sensitized your skin becomes and sends your senses to haywire that leads to explosive sex.

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