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The Trickle Down Iraq Effect: Crisis in Myammar, Sudan, and other Global Hotspots

The repercussions of the U.S. involvement in Iraq, will go beyond that of Iraq itself. The U.S. involvement in Iraq and the moral ambiguity leading up the invasion has left the U.S. ineffective in putting pressure on other real evil doers. For instance the U.S. can apply little pressure on China and its support of the genocidal regime in Sudan or its support for the military government in Burma or in other Global hot spots.

In the Darfur region of Western Sudan hundreds of thousands have died at the hands of Arab militias funded by the Sudanese government. The small force of African Union troops have been underfunded and ineffective in protecting the thousands of refugees. U.S. air support and UN Security council troops and or work with the African Union and NATO under the guise of the Geneva Convention on Genocide to end the bloodshed.. But because the U.S is bogged down in a civil war in Iraq, a war which should have never been waged, the U.S. cannot act in Sudan.

In Burma now known as Myanmar, a military dictatorship has ruled for twenty years has repressed Buddhist monks, who want an end to their repressive rule. The Myanmar government's recent crack down on the pro-democracy demonstrations were headlines in newspapers around the world. The Burma regime arguably worst than the Saddam Hussein regime is too economically supported by China. The Bush administration's economic sanctions on the enigmatic regime has had little effect. Here too when the U.S. stands in front of the U.N. and says we need to confront this regime, we need to act there is a collective yawn, these nations are thinking hey you lied to us about Iraq.

Whether its Sudan, the war in Afghanistan, six years later no Osama, Myanmar the continuing HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa the collective world view is that the U.S. has lost focus. In order to shift focus onto other pressing problems in the world the U.S must first make an orderly withdrawal from Iraq, having accomplished its goal of removing Sadaam from power and establishing "democracy". Next get U.N. peace keepers and European, Russian and Middle East allies including the factions fighting in Iraq to come to the peace table. Once responsibility and leadership is taken on this front, when the U.S. speaks on other global hot spots more nations will be willing to listen.

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