Redskins Get Screwed Saints Remain Unbeaten
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Redskins Get Screwed Saints Remain Unbeaten

Here’s the scene: undefeated New Orleans Saints took the Washington Redskins into overtime. Redskins won the toss. On their first possession the Redskins running back Mike Sellers was hit, forearm and elbow touch the ground and the ball comes loose. The refs ruled the player down by contact and the whistles blew. Right before the Redskins snap the ball Saints called a time out in an effort to get the replay booth to take a look at the fumble. In overtime only the referees can ask for a replay. They did not seem inclined to look at the play and the Skins were about to snap when the Saints call time out. During the timeout the Refs reverse themselves and decide on a booth review of the play. On replay slow motion it appears that the refs had the call right on the field no fumble. However, after considerable time under the booth the referee that ruled Sellers fumbled, Saints ball. Saints go on kick a field go and escape with a win. However, there was not clear video evidence to overcome the call on the field and in fact the call on the field was correct. There was not conclusive evidence that there was a fumble. There was no way for the Skins to appeal the replay booth, Ball and game to Saints. It will not do any good in the won loss column but the Redskins should lodge a protest to the league over the officiating in that game.

Though the refs played a role in the Saints overtime win, in regulation they did not cause the Skins’ Shaun Suisham to miss a 23-yard field goal with under two minutes to play that would have put his team up by 10. Nor did the Refs cause Jason Campbell to throw an interception, which set up New Orleans with a chance to win in regulation. However the strange interception fumble play by Robert Meachem did allow the Saints seven points right before half time, although the ball might have hit the ground making it an incomplete pass instead of an interception.

The miraculous win by the Saints continues their unbeaten streak. Drew Brees acknowledged that they escaped stating, “I believe in karma, and what goes around comes around. We've been on the other side of this deal probably too many times, and maybe it's our time, that we start catching some of the breaks.” The Saints provide a nice story line for the NFL who would love to see two unbeaten teams (Indianapolis Colts) in the Super Bowl.


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