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  BlackState.com's Poetry Corner

The Poetry Corner is where visitors can read the poetic works of poetic legends and the works of poetry submitted by BlackState citizens. Submit your work today.

Poetic Legends:
by Maya Angelou

Thus she had lain
sugar cane sweet
deserts her hair
golden her feet
mountains her breasts
two Niles her tears
Thus she has lain
Black through the years.

Over the white seas
rime white and cold
brigands ungentled
icicle bold
took her young daughters
sold her strong sons
churched her with Jesus
bled her with guns.
Thus she has lain.

Now she is rising
remember her pain
remember the loses
her screams loud and vain
remember her riches
her history slain
now she is striding
although she had lain.

Ego Tripping (there may be a reason why) by Nikki Giovanni

I was born in the congo
I walked to the fertile crescent and built
    the sphinx
I designed a pyramid so tough that a star
    that only glows every one hundred years falls
    into the center giving divine perfect light
I am bad

I sat on the throne
    drinking nectar with allah
I got hot and sent an ice age to europe
    to cool my thirst
My oldest daughter is nefertiti
    the tears from my birth pains
    created the nile
I am a beautiful woman

I gazed on the forest and burned
    out the sahara desert
    with a packet of goat's meat
    and a change of clothes
I crossed it in two hours
I am a gazelle so swift
    so swift you can't catch me

    For a birthday present when he was three
I gave my son hannibal an elephant
    He gave me rome for mother's day
My strength flows ever on

My son noah built new/ark and
I stood proudly at the helm
    as we sailed on a soft summer day
I turned myself into myself and was
    men intone my loving name
    All praises All praises
I am the one who would save

I sowed diamonds in my back yard
My bowels deliver uranium
    the filings from my fingernails are
    semi-precious jewels
    On a trip north
I caught a cold and blew
My nose giving oil to the arab world
I am so hip even my errors are correct
I sailed west to reach east and had to round off
    the earth as I went
    The hair from my head thinned and gold was laid
    across three continents

I am so perfect so divine so ethereal so surreal
I cannot be comprehended except by my permission

I mean...I...can fly
    like a bird in the sky...

by Nikki Giovanni

one day
you gonna walk in this house
and i'm gonna have a long African
you'll sit down and say "The Black..."
and i'm gonna take one arm out
then you-not noticing me at all- will say "What about this brother..."
and i'm going to be slipping it over my head
and you'll rap on about "The revolution..."
while i rest your hand against my stomach
you'll go on-as you always do- saying
"I just can't dig..."
while i'm moving your hand up and down
and i'll be taking your dashiki off
then you'll say "What we really need..."
and taking your shorts off
the you'll notice
your state of undress
and knowing you you'll just say
isn't this counterrevolutionary..."

The Great Works of Langston Hughes

My old man's a white old man
And my old mother's black.
If ever I cursed my white old man
I take my curses back.
If ever I cursed my black old mother
And wished she were in hell,
I'm sorry for that evil wish
And now I wish her well
My old man died in a fine big house.
My ma died in a shack.
I wonder were I'm going to die,
Being neither white nor black?

Cultural Exchange

In the Quarter of the Negroes
Where the doors are doors of paper
Dust of dingy atoms
Blows a scratchy sound.
Amorphous jack-o'-Lanterns caper
And the wind won't wait for midnight
For fun to blow doors down.

By the river and the railroad
With fluid far-off goind
Boundaries bind unbinding
A whirl of whisteles blowing.
No trains or steamboats going--
Yet Leontyne's unpacking.

In the Quarter of the Negroes
Where the doorknob lets in Lieder
More than German ever bore,
Her yesterday past grandpa--
Not of her own doing--
In a pot of collard greens
Is gently stewing.

Pushcarts fold and unfold
In a supermarket sea.
And we better find out, mama,
Where is the colored laundromat
Since we move dup to Mount Vernon.

In the pot begind the paper doors
on the old iron stove what's cooking?
What's smelling, Leontyne?
Lieder, lovely Lieder
And a leaf of collard green.
Lovely Lieder, Leontyne.

You know, right at Christmas
They asked me if my blackness,
Would it rub off?
I said, Ask your mama.

Dreams and nightmares!
Nightmares, dreams, oh!
Dreaming that the Negroes
Of the South have taken over--
Voted all the Dixiecrats
Right out of power--


Martin Luther King is Governor of Georgia,
Dr. Rufus Clement his Chief Adviser,
A. Philip Randolph the High Grand Worthy.
In white pillared mansions
Sitting on their wide verandas,
Wealthy Negroes have white servants,
White sharecroppers work the black plantations,
And colored children have white mammies:
Mammy Faubus
Mammy Eastland
Mammy Wallace
Dear, dear darling old white mammies--
Sometimes even buried with our family.
Dear old
Mammy Faubus!

Culture, they say, is a two-way street:
Hand me my mint julep, mammny.
Hurry up!
Make haste!

Dinner Guest: Me

I know I am
The Negro Problem
Being wined and dined,
Answering the usual questions
That come to white mind
Which seeks demurely
To Probe in polite way
The why and wherewithal
Of darkness U.S.A.--
Wondering how things got this way
In current democratic night,
Murmuring gently

Over fraises du bois,
"I'm so ashamed of being white."

The lobster is delicious,
The wine divine,
And center of attention
At the damask table, mine.
To be a Problem on
Park Avenue at eight
Is not so bad.
Solutions to the Problem,
Of course, wait.

Dream Deferred

What happens to a dream deferred?
Does it dry up
Like a raisin in the sun?
Or fester like a sore--
And then run?
Does it stink like rotten meat?
Or crust and sugar over--
like a syrupy sweet?
Maybe it just sags
like a heavy load.
Or does it explode?

Your Poetry: BlackState Citizen Submitted Poetry

A Petition 4 Sedition
by Kefentse Bandele

A revolutionary decision,
A liberatin' mission,
All my life i've been wishin',
To sign a petition 4 sedition.

To establish a new way,
Invent new rules & laws to obey,
For the people supposedly made from clay,
See we tired of livin' this way!!

I had a visual revelation,
Of implimentin' seditious education,
I'ts a life-long full-time occupation,
To give the Blackman & Woman emancipation.

Rebellions, insurrections and subversive schemes to plot,
Cause this system seems to engage in adverse schemes alot,
By those same adverse schemes this same system shall rot,
And i'm basing this petition off the Black love I got.

So I got a petition 4:
Those without fear,
Those Afrikans born abroad, and those born right here.
Particularly to the freedom fighter whose works remain sincere,
Be patient no more,
for the day we go to war,
is prophetically & mathematically near.

So grasp your political & cultural ambitions,
Time to make a freedom or death decision,
Our enemies are engagin' us for one last collision,
So I got a petition 4 sedition that dont include provisions.

Time to unlearn & control our own minds,
Time to allow our efforts & strategies to combine.
Time to introduce your guerillas to mine,
This is A Petition 4 Sedition-
And all Afrikans need to sign!


The Greatest Second Class Citizens
by Kefentse Bandele

What wrong with me?
Why cant I see things clearly?
What did I lack in my liberation effort?
Why do I continue to believe things will get a lil betta?
Cause I believe what my master wants me to believe,
which makes me the greatest second class citizen in history!

My people generate over $800 billion in this land.
We have the amerikkkan economy in the palms of our hands.
But instead of investin' where we live-
We continue our naivete and continue to give-
power to Tommy Hillfigga like dumb niggas!
And that crakka can't even stand you or me
Even HE realizes we the greatest second class citizens in history!

No matter how much they lie we faithfully go-
to the polls like good second class citizens to vote.
Although they turn down invites to our functions-
We support them with absolutley ridiculous assumptions-
that in the next 4 years we will somehow be magically free?
Cause we the most faithful second class citizens in history!

Some may say, "Nothin is wrong with being second, it could be worse.
Asian's and Hispanics are third class citizen's so we 1 step from being first."
But in those communities,
they have the abilities,
to control or contribute to every got-damn entity!
And your only concern is protecting this illusion of humanity,
you stuck on vanity,
absolute full blown mental insanity!
And you have no desire to be free!
Cause your the greatest second class citizen in world history!!
and why should we even try when we can't depend on you or me????

Luv and Hate by Dynecca

here we r now faced with new decisions,
tryna strech out such little provisions,
the battles once fought for our right for equality,
is now gone no longer considered great history,
ignorance is now more important 2 many
carin less and less 4 wat our ancestors did for our good living
wat does it matter wat they did to our better
no we hav too much to worry that matter
as a nation of afican americans we hav fallen
down a tunnel so deep
we're still a callin
no one to hear us cry or plea
and yet still we're down here scrubbn floors on bad knees
do they here us do they care
do they even acknowledge tha fact that we're there
i know for a fact im tha one to changege my own fate
to know tha difference between luv and hate

I am
by Michael Thomas

I am the essence of the original Man/Woman
I am not restricted by time or space for I am the Alpha and the Omega
I am the eternal darkness from which all life came forth
I have come into the world to elevate the conciousness of all people
I do not seek conquest nor glory
I have only come to reclaim that which is rightfully ours
I am the faith that you cannot see
I am the hope for which you pray
I am the Love that is eternal
I am the peace for which you thirst
by A. Blair

A strong winter cold
A fall tornado November Day
Thanksgiving aproaching
Air Blowing, heavy leaves falling
Fast air moving briskly
Hair out stretched, clothes swaying
Feet mounted backwards I pray.
House lifted Homes destroyed
A whistling noise overpowering.


Pains Bellows
Tears Fall
A Hiding Place I Find
And so, I hide.
Safe in the Master's Arms
I Reside
A Hiding Place I Find.

The Trading Post
by Lewchie

Yes I would like to trade this pair of shoes, for a pair of Timberlands
They were my Grandfather's marching shoes, he passed them down to me he
told me that they would help me take a stand
He said he marched in those shoes until they open the school doors to
educate the black man
He said he marched in those shoes until he had the right to vote
Democrat or Republican
He said he marched in those shoes until they had grass and mud stain
from all over America's land
He said he marched in those shoes while being hit with bricks and
bottles because he had some demands
He said he wanted to be able to drink from any water fountain his
thrist commanded
My Grandfather sure did a lot of marching in those shoes just to prove
the black man was a man
I would not do that to my Timberlands

The way you feel
by Lewchie

Did we make you feel you
needed blond hair
Did we make you feel your skin
needed bleached fair
Did we make you feel your eyes
had to be blue
Did we make you feel you could be our world, if only you were a white
Did we.

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