Obama's Win In Iowa Is Now The Time
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Is Now The Time? A Look at Obama's Win in Iowa

Obama's win in an overwhelmingly white Iowa may catapult him to the Democratic nomination. Iowans looked pass race and to the ideas and character of the candidate and chose Barack Obama (Dr. King would be proud). Although Obama's victory is historic, Jesse Jackson won several primaries in 1988 but later fell to Michael Dukakis for the democractic nomination. Bill Clinton failed to win the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary but won the nomination.

Obama's message of hope and bridging the Karl Rove red state/blue state divide is appealing to a nation tired of partisan stalemate and corporate control over the U.S. government. But can Obama's message of reaching out really bring about the change he seeks. John Edwards who came in second in Iowa suggest that you have to take on the corporate power head on and be able to stand on your princples against powerful interest. Obama and Edwards are both a contrast to Hillary Clinton who may be seen, rightly or wrongly as part of the divide, because she is a polarizing figure.

Obama faces a tough challenge in New Hampshire, South Carolina and several other states which have Hillary leading in the polls. In national democratic polls she also continues to lead. The mainstream media seems surprised at Obama's rise so one wonders if he will be "Howard Deaned". The media likes Hillary as the nominee because she is polarizing which means ratings which means advertising dollars. So whether or not now is the time to elect a black president depends on whether he can continue the momentum captured in Iowa and make it through the primaries.

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