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Obama: The Race Is On

It is too early for election 2008 politicking but alas the race to succeed Bush has started perhaps because the american people can barely wait to elect a new president. In any case because its early and the media is looking for anything to knock down Barrack Obama as they did Howard Dean they have concocted a story that there is dispute over whether Barrack Obama is black enough. Media reports of whether Obama is black enough to the black community is at a minimum bizarre and at a maximum insulting and patronizing. Here we have CNN's Paula Zahn's espousing who is black enough whatever that means.

Ok CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, here it is drum roles please Barrack Obama...is a black man. The junior senator of Illinois is an example of many black men: lawyers, doctors, professionals and laborers on the grind. The fact that his mother is of European descent does not make him any less "black". Because he is not a descendent of African slavery but a descendent of African colonialism (neo-slavery) is of no consequence to his cultural identity to black. But unfortunately the exposure many Americans have to black men are the images presented to you by Viacom NewsCorp TimeWarner Disney and GE.

No one is asking whether Hillary Clinton is woman enough to appeal to women or if John Edwards and John McCain are white enough to appeal to white voters. Perhaps its a better media story line to have the polarizing Hillary Clinton the nominee rather than the uplifting Barrack Obama. But again its too early. There are other candidates who are not getting the publicity they deserve namely New Mexico governor Bill Richardson who is perhaps the most experienced and most qualified to be President, who had he run in 2004 would have given Bush a better fight than John Kerry and former Vice Presidential candidate nominee John Edwards whose ideas on social justice and universal health care should be given more attention by the mainstream media. But for now is Barrack and Hillary, Hillary and Barrack, until you get sick of them both tune out and watch American Idol.

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