John McCain Chooses Tina Fey – A Look at John McCain's Vice Presidential Choice Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton Voters
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John McCain Sarah Palin Tina Fey

John McCain Chooses Tina Fey – A Look at John McCain's Vice Presidential Choice Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton Voters

John McCain's hosting Saturday Night Live has had a strange effect. Putting his Presidential campaign in jeopardy he has chosen 30 Rock Star and SNL writer Tina Fey to be his Vice Presidential candidate. Sources close to the situation indicate that McCain was really impressed with Tina Fey's characterization of the democratic primary, where she mocked the media's so-called infatuation with “The One” the peoples champion Barack Obama. McCain's blatant effort to appeal to Hillary Clinton voters, instead of choosing the best qualified to lead in a time of national crisis is bizarre. McCain doesn't even know his vice presidential pick Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska. They met twice briefly. What does it say about McCain's temperament and judgment that he picks a Vice President that he doesn't really know. What does the fact that they do not know each other further say about Palin's potential role in any McCain administration besides a marginal one.

Similar to a Presidential candidate the Vice Presidential candidate must be ready to lead on day one. Who believes that if the 72 year old John McCain became incapacitated the 44 year old hockey mom will be ready to stand up to Putin or handle Iran, Pakistan, or North Korea. She has no knowledge of world affairs and politics. None. An incredibly scary proposition with two wars going on. A reporter on Fox News actually said that because Alaska is next to Russia, she does have foreign policy experience.

As a Vice Presidential candidate there should be at least a dozen of things about her that should be interesting and compelling outside of the human interest context. However, the day of the announcement, what the political operatives chose to highlight was her lifetime membership in the NRA and that she is pro-life. The fact that she is from Alaska and may be attacked at any moment by a polar bear or a moose a gun may indeed be necessary. But a red flag here is raised because it may indicate that she does not have the ability to have a genuine conversation about guns for hunting versus guns for criminals. More of the same either or approach to politics that leaves the nation polarized and work undone.

Secondly, her stance on abortion also indicates that the divisive politics of the past will likely continue. In her 2006 race for Governor she indicated that she was pro-life even in the case of the rape of her own daughter. Wow. Hillary voters are lining right up. The McCain campaign has recently confirmed that Palin's 17yr old daughter is 5 months pregnant. Exemplary of the GOP family values mantra practice what we say not what we do.

Hillary Clinton voters should be insulted for the idea that their political support could be garnered by just putting a woman any woman on the ticket. McCain could have chosen the senior senator from Texas Kay Bailey Hutchison, the moderate former Governor of New Jersey and former head of the EPA Christine Todd Whitman or even McCain advisor former HP executive Carly Fiorina. It's like the idea that republicans had floated to put Condi Rice on the ticket to neutralize the black vote as if African Americans would vote for her simply because she is black. A failed strategy best illustrated by black Republicans losing to white Democrats in majority black districts. It's the policies stupid. Not racial or cultural affiliation or who has a vajayjay. If that's the case maybe McCain should have put Tina Fey on the ticket because she works and lives in New York and New York borders Canada, and she probably has been to Europe and according to the logic of Fox News has some foreign policy experience.

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