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Kobe His Accuser and Race: Can Kobe Get A Fair Trial in All White Town

Colorado--Can Kobe Bryant get a fair trial in allwhitetown, Colorado. Not arguing whether Kobe is innocent or guilty, the truth is white juries have not been completely fair in judging whether a black man has raped a white woman. All white juries have been convicting innocent black men since the beginning of this republic. In the past, the mere accusation of a single white woman accusing a black man of rape would result in his hanging from a tree and likely castration by white racist terrorist. In fact, the worse possible crime a black person could be accused of committing upon a white (except for murder perhaps) is rape. In addition, ABC News is reporting that the lead investigator in Kobe Bryant Case was named in earlier racial profiling lawsuit in which Eagle County settled for $800,000.

The collective unconscious or conscious white psyche supported by the media machine has always portrayed black men praying on white women. When the reality has actually been a history of white men raping black women since the times of slavery. Evidenced in the fact that a large percentage of African Americans have white paternal ancestry. Until the 1960’s southern states had the death penalty for those who were convicted of rape (usually reserved for black men-when they failed to lynch). The Supreme Court outlawed such practices as cruel and unusual.

Race will undoubtedly play a role in the Kobe Bryant case to what extent no one is sure. Race plays a role in just about every aspect of American society. America is a country built on a racist foundation. The government still cannot apologize for slavery, an internationally recognized crime against humanity.

So can Koke get a fair trial from an all white jury? No chance. Why? Because racism in Americans is mostly at the subconscious level the jury will not likely assume Kobe’s innocence as they should. This actually will also make it harder to prove their biases. What juror would say I cannot be fair because he’s black and he’s accused of raping a white woman. I cannot be fair. No one would admit that but its there, the cloud of racism is omnipresent from the prosecutor, to the investigator, to the sheriff, to the town itself race and racism will play a dramatic role in the Kobe Bryant case. Regardless of innocence or guilt.

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