Michael Jackson A King A Legend
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Loved and Feared

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Michael Jackson
The death of entertainment and music icon has shocked the world. The 50 year old entertainer father of three was preparing for sold out summer concerts in London when he experienced what has been deemed a massive cardiac arrest. Though the circumstances of his death remain unclear his extraordinary life in the public spotlight from a young boy to an aging man is what will be remembered. The Billie Jean moonwalk from Motown's 25th Anniversary show. How his music forced MTV to show black artist, who previously only showed music from white entertainers. He transcended race and generations. He made Thriller and Thriller changed everything. Thriller was the top selling album of all time. Michael Jackson Continue

Michael Jackson King of Pop
Gone Too Soon. The King. 1958-2009
Michael Jackson Wikipedia Page

"At the moment, though, it's show business as usual. Gossip, to be specific. Michael is questioning a dancer he knows about the recent crises of a fallen superstar. Michael wants to know what the problem is. The dancer mimes his answer, laying a finger alongside his nose. Michael nods, and translates for his friend: "Drugs. Cocaine."
Michael admits that he seeks out such gossip, and listens again and again as the famous blurt out their need for escape. "Escapism," he says. "I totally understand."
But addictions are another thing. "I always want to know what makes good performers fall to pieces," he says. "I alway try to find out. Because I just can't believe it's the same things that get them time and time again." So far, his own addictions?the stage, dancing, cartoons have been free of toxins." Michael Jackson Rolling Stone Interview February 1983

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