Thoughts on Democratic Convention
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Thoughts on the Democratic National Convention

John Kerry:
John Kerry clearly and effective made the case on why he should replace Bush as President of the United States. He represented himself to be strong leader on defense and will defend the civil rights and liberties of all Americans. One thing is also clear he is a war hero. In these times of change we donít need one who joined the national guard to avoid service and one who has not gone to a single funeral for those who have died in his elective war to remove his fathers nemesis. We need strength with honor and thatís what John Kerry will give America. No memos recommending how to get around international law regarding torture would come from a Kerry administration. No secret meetings with oil executives to come up with energy policy and no kick-back deals for corporations that cabinet members use to work for.

John Edwards:
Made a great speech telling Americans that hope is on the way when they elect Kerry and Edwards. Edwards discussed specific policy proposals and told the audience that everywhere is where we discuss problems of race in this country not just to selected audiences in which he received a resounding applause.

Barrack Obama:
Obama the state senator of Illinois running for the United States Senate if elected would become only the third African American in the United States Senate a deplorable number. His speech a instant classic (click here to read) discussed the challenges facing America and the need for unity in America regardless of ones background. He also took on the black community echoing Cosby comments that we know government cannot do everything we need parents to step up and to teach our kids that black child with a book is not acting white.

Al Sharpton:
Al brought down the house and gave one of the most stirring speeches of the convention. Challenging President Bush who asked black leaders at the National Urban League has the democratic party taken the black vote for granted. He answered with a resounding no. He took on the injustice of the election 2000 disenfranchisement in Florida stating that to many African Americans have died and that we take our vote seriously. He stated that if Bush had been in charge of appointing the court that ended segregation Clarence Thomas would not have been allowed in law school. Immediately after the media started saying that Sharpton was negative and attacking Bush. There was not a single attack. Why is it that when says the truth about Bush in the eyes of CNN et al. Bush is being attacked. Its like those on the right who attack Michael Moore saying he is too negative and his film is propaganda. Notice they never say he is a liar. Sharpton Speech an instant classic Click Here

Honorable mentions:
Theresa Heinz-Kerry gave a great speech about her life and upbringing and how she cherishes the rights of being an American. She will be a great champion for the rights of women in America and abroad. Del. Eleanor Holmes-Norton bringing to national attention the injustice that 500,000 plus citizens of D.C. do not have representation in Congress. Taxation without representation. This unconstitutional practice must end.

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