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Recent Features:

President Obama
Glenn Beck's Rally To Restore Right Wing Rule

Glenn Beck is a television and right wing hate radio personality. A right wing profiteer in misinforming and raising fear in his audiences lives. Its not just fear of big government (whatever that means). Its deeper. Its fear of a black President. It may even include as Public Enemy once said Fear of a Black Planet. Let's not dance around the issue here. The only America he seeks to restore is the one where the President's are white. Would there be a tea bagging movement had Hillary Clinton became President or if John McCain had won the presidency? Glenn Beck still has a job at Fox News after calling the President a racist. Glenn Beck went on to say on live television stated that President Obama, "has a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture." Hmmm. So what kind of civil rights or restoring honor is Glenn Beck talking about.

Some cite the vocal opposition by some to health care reform as given birth to the opposition to the Obama administration. But when health care was being first debated, including the public option, if one recalls, a large majority of over 70 percent was in support of health care reform that included a public option. CONTINUE

President Obama
The Curious Case of Shirley Sherrod

Shirley Sherrod dominated the news last week due to a conservative blogger taking her words out of context in a speech at the NAACP. In the now infamous video clip Sherrod states that she did not give the farmer all the help that she could have although she did help the farmer save his farm. But the conservative media jumped on the story as an example of racism against a white farmer. CONTINUE

Republican Senators
Republicans Unconscionable Un-American In Great Recession

The actions of the Republican Party in the United States Congress particularly in the United States Senate must be called what it is Un-American. Republican Senators representing a minority of 41 votes acted in unison in blocking assistance for millions of Americans receiving unemployment benefits. These out of touch aristocratic Republican Senators have no clue what its like out for the jobless. They ridicule and seem to despise those who are out of work. Despite the fact that there are roughly 6 applicants for every single job available. CONTINUE

President Obama Healthcare Victory
Obama The Victorious House Passes Health Care Reform

This is what change looks like according to President Obama. In a day of stirring speeches in a year of passionate debate, in a century of trying. Congress has passed health care reform legislation. President Obama will get credit for doing what Presidents from Theodore Roosevelt to Harry Truman to Bill Clinton have tried to do, provide Americans with comprehensive health care reform. Reform that ends exploitation by insurance companies. That makes coverage affordable. Health care that ends discrimination by insurance companies based upon preexisting health conditions. Reform that provides a means by which citizens are given an opportunity to afford health care. CONTINUE

The End of Facts In American Politics

What happens in a democracy when truth and facts no longer matter in political discourse. Did America's founding fathers contemplate this? Did Socrates or Aristotle? In 2010 America we are at this point. The American media gives much attention to people who proclaim to be a part of a tea party movement. People who rile against the government and yet receive government paid for Medicare or VA benefits or unemployment benefits. A tea party movement who as Bill Maher pointed out do not realize their taxes went down as a result of the stimulus bill. CONTINUE

President Obama
For President Obama Democrats 2,010 Challenges and Opportunities

As President Obama completes his first full year in office great challenges remain. Although many of the challenges remain a legacy of the Bush administrations failures, the public has a short memory. Republican's, teabaggers, and independents alike suffer from political amnesia. The deficit and record spending were caused by the Bush administration and a Republican controlled congress. Unfinished wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, thanks Bush. The Wall Street bailout/giveaway without oversight was pushed through by Bush. Obama was not yet elected. CONTINUE

President Obama Senator Reid
Conversations About Race and Racism

It is not surprising that Republicans on the right cannot see the difference between Trent Lott's comments in support of Strom Thurman's segregationist run for President and Harry Reid's comments on the electability of Barrack Obama from a white perspective. Not all conversations about race are racist but there are racist conversations. CONTINUE

Pelosi Hoyer Clyburn
Stupak Amendment and the Negotiable Rights of Women

Allowing a health care bill to pass the House of Representatives that included provisions that restrict the rights of women to make their own private decisions about whether or not to have children is outrages. In an effort to play the politics necessary to get the bill passed Speaker Pelosi, blue dog Democrats such as Bart Stupak, and the lobbying efforts of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops sent a message to women that their constitutional rights are negotiable.

The now infamous Stupak Amendment, which essentially states that no money or federal subsidies can go toward covering abortions in the health care bill, appears to go a bit further than the Hyde amendment which already bans federal funds for abortion. CONTINUE

Wall Street
Wall Street On The Ballot Democrats Win House Seat Lose Two Governors

In an off year election where few people went to the polls Republicans won the Governorships of Virginia and New Jersey. However, in the contested New York 23rd Congressional District which featured the republican candidate endorsing the Democrat instead of a third party Conservative candidate, the Democrat won. The cable networks highlighted the congressional race as a division between moderate and right wing republicans for control over the republican party but in the end all politics are local and the Conservative candidate supported by republicans such as Sara Palin, talking heads such as Glen Beck was not knowledgeable in the local issues that were critical to the constituents he would be representing.

Republican wins in Virginia and New Jersey are being spun as some sort of referendum on President Obama although exit polls are showing there was no Obama effect. CONTINUE

Ending Reaganomics

The economic challenge of the Obama administration is not just getting American's back to work, lowering the deficit, or lowering the cost of health care. It's eliminating the doctrine of Reaganomics. Reaganomics is the idea that giving tax cuts to the wealthy would trickle down to the rest of the economy. Under Reagan the tax rate for the wealthiest Americans was reduced from 70 percent to 28 percent in seven years. Wealth did not trickle and the gap between rich and poor increased. Former President George H.W. Bush once called the doctrine Voodoo economics because he rightly thought it was a fiction.

His son George W. Bush had no such reservations in pushing through tax cuts for the wealthy in 2001. This coupled with an unnecessary war in Iraq is the primary reason for the record budget deficit that the new Obama administration has to deal with. CONTINUE

Dollar Yuan The Case for Currency-Parity Tariffs on China by Figaro Joseph

Back in the 1970s and 1980s, one of the dominant theories for economic development in the Third World centered around currency devaluation or depreciation. When a country devalues its currency vis-à-vis another currency or currencies, its exports become less expensive to other countries, while imports from other countries become more expensive to its population. In effect, a currency devaluation is simultaneously an import tariff and an export subsidy. As a tariff, it raises prices on imports; as a subsidy, it lowers the costs of exports. We understand all of this using the language of exchange rate.

Assume, for example, that the US dollar ($ or USD) currently has an exchange rate of $1 to the euro (€). In other words, for €1, you need $1; it’s a one-to-one exchange rate. Your $100 is €100 in the EU countries that use the euro. If the $ depreciates or devalues vis-à-vis the €, then it means that it takes more dollars to buy a €. CONTINUE

Obama Congress
Giving In To Right Wing Extremism

In letting the talented and progressive Van Jones resign from his cabinet President Barack Obama caved in to the far right of the republican party. Memo to the far right President Obama can choose whomever he wants as his advisors, as Reagan chose his advisors some with no love for people of color, Bush chose his advisors without any regard to those on the left.

Host and commentator Bill Maher has stated pretty consistently to which we agree that President Obama needs to be a little more like President Bush. Though we drastically disagree with President Bush's goals and aims he did not care what the people on the left wanted to do. He did what he wanted and pushed it through a Republican controlled Congress. Millions of people in the United States and millions of people around the world marched in opposition to invasion of Iraq, yet Bush invaded Iraq anyway. CONTINUE

President Truman President Harry S. Truman's National Health Care Proposal

The American people are the most insurance-minded people in the world. They will not be frightened off from health insurance because some people have misnamed it "socialized medicine".

I repeat--what I am recommending is not socialized medicine.

Socialized medicine means that all doctors work as employees of government. The American people want no such system. No such system is here proposed.

Under the plan I suggest, our people would continue to get medical and hospital services just as they do now--on the basis of their own voluntary decisions and choices. Our doctors and hospitals would continue to deal with disease with the same professional freedom as now. There would, however, be this all-important difference: whether or not patients get the services they need would not depend on how much they can afford to pay at the time... CONTINUE

Barney Frank and President Obama
Mis-Education Dominates Health Care Debate

President Obama is enjoying a bit of vacation time as summer comes to an end and before the kids go back to school. The summer of town halls, death panels, and gross misinformation will soon be coming to an end. The award for most entertaining has to go to Congressman Barney Frank's town hall. After the noise, President Obama will get a health care reform bill passed by the House and Senate and signed into law. CONTINUE

Ted Kennedy and President Obama
Honor Senator Ted Kennedy By Passing Health Care Reform

The passing of Senator Ted Kennedy the lion of the senate is a huge loss for advocates of civil rights in all forms. The youngest of four brothers three to die tragically, two the result of political assassination the Kennedy's were allies in the quest for civil rights, economic and social justice at the right time and the right moment in history. They were traitors to their aristocratic class in the tradition of President Franklin Roosevelt. CONTINUE

Obama Town Hall
Town Hall Madness

So the people opposing health care reform are ok with the fact that insurance companies kick people off once the insurance company has to start paying for care? And those who oppose reform are ok with insurance companies kicking people off of insurance because of preexisting conditions like a flu in sixth grade? And those who oppose reform are ok with their neighbors going bankrupt because of out of pocket health care expenses?

No summer recess for Congressman and Senators. The shouting the screaming the anger aimed at Congressman and Senators at town halls over the proposed health care reform is quite strange. People who currently receive government paid for health care (such as Medicare and through Veterans Affairs) angry at the prospect of government paid for health care. CONTINUE

Obama Healthcare
The Public Option Health Care Reform and The Axis of Health Care Evil (Canada UK New Zealand)

Some of the Senate's most vocal opponents of a public health care option constituents need it the most. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, best illustrated in his daily rants, is against any public health care plan or just about any reform for the American health care system proposed by the Democrats. In fact he and the Republican leadership has followed a typical and tired script written and directed by the lobbyist for the health insurance industry. It's like a bad movie where one can utter the lines right before they are spoken. CONTINUE

Obama Cheney
Obama's Nixon Problem

President Barack Obama's administration has yet another growing and gathering problem. Another problem with historical implications. This problem is not with the economy or the prospect of universal health care. The problem is what to do about the criminality of the previous administration. An administration whose so-called legal opinions with respect to Presidential power and defining torture are so without merit that the attorney authors of these memo's should be investigated for possible disbarment from the legal profession.

The recent memo's released by the Justice Department, as a result of a lawsuit filed by the ACLU under the Freedom of Information Act, revealed that the so called enhanced interrogation techniques employed by the Bush administration were tantamount to torture. CONTINUE

Fox News Corporation
The Teabagging News Network

What one needs to know about the Fox News orchestrated Tea Party's is the confederate flags flying behind a beaming Sean Hannity. The crowds were only diverse in their fears. Fear of being left behind a global economy and economic uncertainty. Fearing immigration. Fearful of gun rights. A crowd fearing any other. The fake outrage at taxes and government spending which is keeping the entire economy afloat is bizarre. Where was the outrage when George W. Bush increased government spending beyond imagine and cut taxes in the midst of two wars which was and is an economic recipe for disaster. Even John McCain stated that cutting taxes while trying to pay for two wars did not make sense. CONTINUE

Obama Emanuel
Obama Is The Point Guard

The Obama Presidency is not yet 100 days old and the cable news talking heads are harping on a couple of talking points (1) President's Obama's relationship with the Democratically controlled Congress. Moreover, the issue of whether it is the President or the Congress that is driving the agenda and (2) Whether or not President Obama is taking on too many issues at once instead of just focusing on the economy.

One would not have noticed given the events of the last eight years but in our constitutional system of government Congress has most of the power not the president. It is the Congress that passes the laws not the President. So what good would it do for President Obama to pick a fight with members of his own party who he needs to pass his legislative initiatives? CONTINUE

Obama Republicans
Republicans Pretend Election Did Not Happen

The GOP reaction to the economic stimulus bill now passed by Congress has been bizarre. They are behaving as if the country did not resoundingly reject the economic policies of the last eight years. Lets not forget that President Obama's victory was substantial. It was much larger than Bush's alleged win over Kerry and the Democrats in Congress gained additional seats in the House and are one election cycle from having a filibuster proof majority in the U.S. Senate. Not one republican in the House voted for stimulating the American economy through tax cuts and spending. So under the usual republican logic by not voting to support tax cuts did they in essence support a tax increase?

It seems the republican party is clinging to a misguided belief that America is a center right nation. A notion that simply is not true. CONTINUE

Pelosi Defending Nancy Pelosi

Republicans are piling on Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi because of what she may have known about water boarding. However, their tactics is nothing more than a diversionary tactic to take pressure off of investigating the true perpetrators or what may have been an illegal program, the Bush administration. Do the Republicans and their media sympathizers not remember that Speaker Pelosi was not even the Speaker of the House in 2002, 2003? I know NBC wants to distance itself from its liberal brother MSNBC but come on Matt Lauer never mentioned the fact that Pelosi was not even Speaker when briefed on these tactics. She only became minority leader in 2003. She and the Congressional Democrats did not wield much power in 2002, 2003. Further former Senator Bob Graham stated that he received no such briefing on water boarding. CONTINUE

Obama Inauguration
President Barack Obama's Inaugural Address

On this day, we come to proclaim an end to the petty grievances and false promises, the recriminations and worn-out dogmas, that for far too long have strangled our politics.

We remain a young nation, but in the words of scripture, the time has come to set aside childish things. The time has come to reaffirm our enduring spirit; to choose our better history; to carry forward that precious gift, that noble idea, passed on from generation to generation: the God-given promise that all are equal, all are free, and all deserve a chance to pursue their full measure of happiness. CONTINUE

Obama and Bush
The First Black President and The Last White President

One of the most interesting aspects of President-Elect Barack Obama's victory over John McCain and becoming the nation's first African American elected President is the coalition of voters he used to obtain victory. Obama won with a broad coalition of African American, Latino, young white voters, and women. An electoral coalition that will only grow with time. During the primaries and the general election there were calls and suggestions that America was not ready for a black President. America answered with a resounding yes.

His win was just as geographically diverse winning the southern states of Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida; the southwestern states of Colorado, New Mexico, and Nevada. Obama owned the Midwest winning Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio and almost winning Missouri. The northeast and west coast remained blue. CONTINUE

Big 3 Auto It's Not The Union; It's The Economy Stupid! by Figaro Joseph

Some of the major newspaper organizations in the United States are having financial difficulties. Who is to blame? Answer: the union. The U.S. automakers are having financial difficulties. Who is the blame? Answer: the union. Toyota Motor, one of the main foreign automakers in the U.S., expects financial loss for the first time in seven decades. Who is to blame? Answer: the union. Oops, sorry! Toyota (in the U.S.) doesn't have a union.

Newspapers from around the country and U.S. Senators from many southern states have been on a union-bashing binge lately. They are referred to here as critics. Their favorite punching bag over the past couple of months has been the United Automobile Workers (UAW). CONTINUE

Rove and Bush
Short Division: The Legacy of George W. Bush, Karl Rove and the Politics of Fear

No other political operative with an office in the White House has done more to divide the citizens of the United States in seven years, than anyone else in a generation. By some political pundits he is called Bush's brain or the genius. But to others genius is not the first word tha comes to mind when it comes to longtime Bush political advisor Karl Rove its criminal. Karl Rove was intimately involved in the smear campaign of Valerie Plame, the firing of U.S. attorneys for investigatring republican lawmakers, the campaign to use gay marriage on state wide ballots as a means to get out evangelicals in the 2004 election, (in some states where it was already banned). As soon as he stepped foot from the White House he should have been placed in handcuffs. CONTINUE

Barrack Obama Should Obama Start Drama? by Todd A. Smith

Throughout the Democratic primaries, Senator Barack Obama has dedicated his entire campaign to change. Change from the usual divisive politics and mudslinging that have characterized many presidential elections by putting more emphasis on the issues that are important to voters such as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the economy. However, as Hillary Clinton continued to attack Obama's elect-ability, the Obama camp began airing negative ads in Pennsylvania with hopes of halting some of her momentum in that crucial state.

"She's got the kitchen sink flying, the china flying, the buffet is coming at me," Obama said about Clinton. CONTINUE

Colin Powell
Is Colin Powell Their Best Candidate?

On the Republican nomination side, admittedly a race that gets no love and attention from BlackState, we have observed that the best candidate for the Republican nomination, the one who is in line and whose turn is up is not even in the race. Its former Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Colin Powell. In a party that bows down to seniority and turns in line, it is Colin Powell's turn. Powell was on the Joint Chiefs under Reagan, Chairman under the elder Bush and Secretary of State under the current Bush. A veteran and statesman who brings instant credibility, his presentation before the UN convinced many Americans that Iraq was a threat, though we now know that most of that presentation was a lie. Reports have indicated that he spent many hours trying to convince W. Bush to not invade Iraq. CONTINUE

Obama Win In Iowa Is Now The Time? A Look At Obama's Win In Iowa

Obama's win in an overwhelmingly white Iowa may catapult him to the Democratic nomination. Iowans looked pass race and to the ideas and character of the candidate and chose Barack Obama (Dr. King would be proud). Although Obama's victory is historic, Jesse Jackson won several primaries in 1988 but later fell to Michael Dukakis for the democratic nomination. Bill Clinton failed to win the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary but won the nomination.

Obama's message of hope and bridging the Karl Rove red state/blue state divide is appealing to a nation tired of partisan stalemate and corporate control over the U.S. government. But can Obama's message of reaching out really bring about the change he seeks. CONTINUE

Barrack Obama Obama: The Race Is On

It is too early for election 2008 politicking but alas the race to succeed Bush has started perhaps because the american people can barely wait to elect a new president. In any case because its early and the media is looking for anything to knock down Barrack Obama as they did Howard Dean they have concocted a story that there is dispute over whether Barrack Obama is black enough. Media reports of whether Obama is black enough to the black community is at a minimum bizarre and at a maximum insulting and patronizing. Here we have CNN's Paula Zahn's espousing who is black enough whatever that means.

Ok CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, here it is drum roles please Barrack a black man. The junior senator of Illinois is an example of many black men: lawyers, doctors, professionals and laborers on the grind. The fact that his mother is of European descent does not make him any less "black". CONTINUE

Nkrumah In Honor of 50 Years of Ghanaian Independence: I Speak of Freedom by Kwame Nkrumah

For centuries, Europeans dominated the African continent. The white man arrogated to himself the right to rule and to be obeyedby the non-white; his mission, he claimed, was to "civilise"Africa. Under this cloak, the Europeans robbed the continent ofvast riches and inflicted unimaginable suffering on the Africanpeople.

All this makes a sad story, but now we must be prepared to burythe past with its unpleasant memories and look to the future. All we ask of the former colonial powers is their goodwill and cooperation to remedy past mistakes and injustices and to grantindependence to the colonies in Africa…. CONTINUE

Virginia Virginia Apologizes For Slavery (400 Years Later)

The state of Virginia the seat of the capital of what was the Confederate slaveocrcay has issued an apology for its role in the institution of Slavery. It also apologized for its role in the "exploitation of Native Americans."

Virginia's apology for slavery is better late than never. The power of an apology or expressing "profound regret" as the resolution reads is an important step in healing race relations in the United States. The United States Congress should support Representative John Conyers attempts to study the enduring effects of slavery on black descendants of slavery in America and reccommend all possible redress. CONTINUE

hip hop Hip Hop Resurrection Movement by Truth Minista Paul Scott

"I don't really care if it’s over your head Cuz the job of resurrectors is to wake up the dead”
Jazz- A Tribe Called Quest

Another Black History Month has come and gone. So what have you done? Did you listen to the "I Have a Dream Speech" for the 100th time. Or maybe you are one of the thousands of Black folks who celebrated by watching BET's tribute to the accomplishments of African Americans, "The 25 Events that Mis-Shaped Black America." (Shouldn't BET have been #1 ?) This year, I have a suggestion, instead of celebrating Black History, let's make Black History by snatching "Black" Hop Hop/Black Culture once and for all...It's such a crazy idea that it just might work... CONTINUE

Dungy Lovie Paying For Protection by Gene C. Gerard

Two prominent labor organizations have sued the Bush administration for failing to protect nearly 20 million workers from job injuries. In 1999 the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) proposed a rule requiring employers to pay for protective clothing, face shields, gloves and other equipment used by workers. But before the proposal became a standard Mr. Bush was elected to office. Since then, the Department of Labor has neglected to enact the standard and has consistently failed to ensure the safety of America’s working men and women.

The personal protective equipment (PPE) rule would require employers to pay for safety items that protect workers from job hazards. Many workers in the nation’s most dangerous industries, including meatpacking, poultry, and construction, who have high rates of injury, are forced by their employers to pay for their own safety gear because of the failure of OSHA to implement the PPE rule. According to OSHA’s own figures, 400,000 workers have been injured and 50 have died owing to the lack of the PPE rule. CONTINUE

The Takeover: The New Democratic Power In Congress

Politically speaking the American people are sometimes a little slow but they do eventually get it right. Voting twice for George W. Bush was not in the best interest of the American people or the world (well more Americans did vote for Gore) and we have seen that Republican control of congress has been nothing but a rubber stamp for Bush’s constitutionally suspect policies. Make no mistake the Democratic Party’s victory in the mid-term elections was overwhelming. Every democratic incumbent won their seat and picked up republican seats in the house and the bare minimum needed to take over the senate. Now that the Dems have the power there is already a debate on how best to wield the power and for G dub and the “king of no bid contracts for friends” Cheney the party is indeed over.

The Democrats have subpoena power and impeachment power though they have said it will not be a particular pursuit. Democrats for the final two years of Bush’s presidency can always hold the prospect of investigating the run up to war or the wiretapping of American citizens without a warrant, the secret prisons abroad or illegal torture over the administrations head if they are uncooperative in other policy areas. Nancy Pelosi becomes the first female speaker of the House of Representatives and third in line of the presidency. Two prominent African Americans Charles Rangel and John Conyers will become the chairs of two powerful house committees. Rangel is already making noise because he seeks to restore the draft, he says that will make Americans take pause before sending soldiers into harms way. That may be true but if the Congress acted as a true check on the presidency this would be unnecessary as Congress has the purse. The president cannot send troops anywhere without the money. CONTINUE

obama Obama For President? The Top Ten Reasons He Should Run by Mathew Lynch

Barack Obama is one of the most intelligent, transcendent politicians in America, irregardless of race. In order for one to be an effective leader, one must have an altruistic view of the world and Barack certainly does. He truly wishes to assist America in becoming the “blessed community” that Martin Luther Ling envisioned. At press time, he is reportedly seriously thinking of running for President of the United States. In my opinion, here are the top ten reasons why he should run for president.

1. People are literally begging him to run: In every city that he visits, at every event that he attends, there are legions of supporters who literally beg him to run for president. His following mirrors the melting pot that America has become; Black, Hispanic, Asian, and Caucasian citizens love him for what he embodies, the American spirit. CONTINUE

bush Republicans Face Mid-Termination

GO VOTE. Vote early and vote often. Vote the bums out. After 12 years of Republican congressional rule resulting in debt the likes of which the U.S. has never seen polls indicate that the republicans may lose one or both houses of congress. The Republicans are indeed getting desperate, breaking out the all too familiar race card in ads against Harold Ford in Tennessee and simply wrong ads in other races throughout the country. Michael Steele the "Lincoln Republican" is a Bush clone who would vote with Congressional Republicans to support judges who would strike down affirmative action and women's right to choose. All you need to know about Steele is that when soon to be former Governor of Maryland Ehrlich went to a segregated golf club, Steele told the press that it did not bother him.

Steele is a joke. He supported Ehrlich's and Republican attempts four years ago to suppress the black vote in Baltimore by misleading ads and warnings about Americans exercising their right to vote being arrested. Question. Why is it always the Republican party that tries to suppress some American's particularly black American's attempts to exercise their constitutional right to vote. Does not sound like a political party open to anyone else that doesn't think like them. Marylanders don't let him fool you. A vote for Steele is a vote for Dick Cheney, Bush, and Clarence Thomas.

mall Democracy Died In The Shopping Mall

Let it be known that democracy died in America while the people shopped. Somewhere in between going to work, taking care of the kids, keeping up with the mortgage and weekend shopping trips to the mega mall the people stopped paying attention to the leaders that govern them. As a result a real and deep disconnect exist between the governing class and the governed. This chasm was perhaps best exhibited in the Bankruptcy Reform Bill passed by Congress a few years ago, which was nothing more than a shameless gift to the credit card companies, that if the American people had been paying attention would have never passed Congress. It seems the only “people” congress represents, led by the Republican Party, are corporate persons, better known as corporations. And now as Americans continue to sleep, there is presently before Congress bills to ratify programs started unilaterally by the Bush administration, ranging from the torture of terror suspects to imperial power to spy on American citizens without a warrant. As a side note isn’t it interesting that the Republican Party a political party that purports to advocate a strict reading of the Constitution ignores the fact that the Fourth Amendment makes it clear that the government cannot spy on its citizens without a warrant.

The Republican Party strategy consist of two elements fear and apathy. In terms of fear by making Americans afraid they believe helps their candidates. They do not care what that fear is whether its terror, immigrants or gays marrying. CONTINUE

Kofi Kofi Annan: The Worlds Most Influential Black Man by Matthew Lynch

Kofi Annan for those of you, who do not know, is the Secretary General of the UN (United Nations). A native of Ghana, Annan is the first man of African Descent to hold this distinction. Originally appointed in late 1996, Koffi is serving his second term, which expires on December 13, 2006. As Secretary-General, he has begun to revitalize the UN through a series of comprehensive reforms. His reforms have been aimed at strengthening the UN’s work in the areas of development, international, peace, human rights, and the premise that all men are created equal. He is also working to restore public confidence in the UN by weeding out corruption within the organization.

Mr. Annan worked diligently to attain his current status. In 1990, following the Iraq invasion of Kuwait, Annan was asked by then Secretary-General Boutros Boutros Gal, to coordinate the evacuation of over 900 international staff and citizens of Western Countries. He consequently was also asked to lead the negotiations for the first “Oil for Food” program. As Secretary-General, his first major initiative was his push for a reformation and restructuring of the UN. He also created a viable plan of sustaining peace in Africa, the world’s most disadvantaged continent. He also sought to improve the plight of the world’s women. CONTINUE

Bond Bush Bush To NAACP: You Have Blacks Too? Beware of the Black Republican Trap A few weeks ago the Imperial George W. Bush made his first visit to America’s oldest civil rights organization the NAACP. "I consider it a tragedy that the party of Abraham Lincoln let go of its historic ties to the African-American community," Bush said. "For too long my party wrote off the African-American vote and many African-Americans wrote off the Republican Party." Bush’s visit to the NAACP in the sixth year of his presidency did not represent a change of heart about his feelings about the progressive organization but represented a a political necessity in an election year where three African American republicans are seeking prominent statewide offices.

Lynn Swann, the former football player is running for governor in Pennsylvania, Richard Steele, the Maryland Lt. Governor, is running for a U.S. Senate seat in Maryland (who could end up facing former NAACP chair Kweisi Mfume) and Ken “I hate black people voting” Blackwell, is running for governor of Ohio. Blackwell, as secretary of state in Ohio consistently worked to suppress the black vote and democratic votes in Ohio likely tilting the election to Bush in the 2004 presidential election. Although it is great to see African Americans running for statewide offices it is imperative however that the black community not fall victim to the black republican trap. CONTINUE

Alberto Domestic Spying Not New To Black America
Why would the attorney general of the United States responsible for federal law enforcement not testify under oath about America’s domestic spying program? The answers lie in his disingenuous legal arguments for the justification of the program itself. He states that Congress already granted the President the authority to spy on American citizens when it authorized the war in Afghanistan. Fascinating, especially as it is clear that Congress did not grant that authority. Gonzalez then makes the claim that the President has “inherent power as commander in chief” to spy on American citizens. Also a fascinating argument espoused by an administration that claims to want judges who adhere to a strict interpretation of the Constitution. A strict reading of the Constitution, a Constitution that entrusts limited power on the Federal government, would suggest that the founders did not empower the executive to spy on American citizens. The Bush administration in purposely circumventing the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA)(which requires a judicial warrant showing probable cause before wire tapping American citizens) may have committed a crime. No wonder the republicans did not want Gonzalez under oath. They did not want him subject to perjury.

The FISA act was implemented after the Church Committee hearings of the late 1970‘s which exposed America to the criminal actions of the FBI, CIA and NSA in its counter intelligence activities within the United States during the 1960’s and 1970’s, infiltrating and spying on Civil Rights organizations, such as SNCC, Black Panthers, the Nation of Islam and anti-War organizations. CONTINUE

constitution We the (Evangelical) People Act by Gene C. Gerard

In the wake of the Senate’s failure to approve a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, conservatives are now coalescing around what amounts to their runner-up option. Various conservative and evangelical Christian organizations are now championing the “We the People Act.” The act would prohibit the Supreme Court and all other federal courts from ruling on the constitutionality of state laws, especially those concerning sexual orientation. If passed by Congress, this act would severely limit some of the most basic legal principles of the Constitution.

The act was introduced in the House of Representatives in November of last year. But it remained dormant while conservatives waited to see how the amendment banning gay marriage played out. CONTINUE

rally Democracy In America Revealed: America is a One Party State

The fact that the Republican Party controls the U.S. Presidency, the U.S. House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate and republican appointees dominate the U.S. Supreme Court is dangerous for American democracy. Most Americans may not realize it but a single political party is already ruling them. Not unlike Cuba, China, a string of African nations or fascist Germany. Locally as well, most Americans live in states governed by republicans including the largest, California, New York, Texas, and Florida. Although this scenario may be a real life wet dream for Karl Rove republican consolidation and centralization is a threat to American democracy itself.

Checks and Balances

The U.S. Constitution sets the framework by which three co-equal branches are to share power so as to provide a check on the others possible abuse. The framers recognized the likelihood of political parties but were worrisome about the potential conflicts. Their worries have materialized in the federal branch of government wherein the President asserts vast unchecked powers in the name of "commander in chief" never before granted. Which includes apparently the right to listen in on phone calls of the citizenry despite the fourth amendments prohibition but for probable cause. CONTINUE

ribbon Bush Administration Failing America’s AIDS Crisis by Gene C. Gerard

In 2001 the Bush administration joined 188 other governments in adopting the United Nations Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS. This committed each government to improving their response to its domestic AIDS epidemic and establishing targets for financing, policy and programming. Last week, in an address before the United Nations commemorating the 25th anniversary of the AIDS epidemic, Secretary General Kofi Annan warned, “The epidemic continues to outpace us. There are more new infections than ever before.” While we expect third world nations to have difficulties coping with the epidemic, a new report suggests that the Bush administration is failing to adequately combat the crisis in America.

The Open Society Institute, a public policy research organization, recently released a comprehensive report on the state of HIV/AIDS in America. It suggests that President Bush has failed to effectively handle this devastating epidemic. Although the Office of National AIDS Policy, located in the White House, is responsible for domestic efforts to reduce new infections, it has a tiny staff and little if any authority. CONTINUE

rally Race and the Immigration Debate

On May 1st the national day of protest for immigration rights, it was a bit surprising to see a white guy at the local Mexican fast food chain taking my order. He informed me that today was a “special menu” in light of the “workers strike.” I said ok and looked over the offerings and proceeded to walk out. Not necessarily in solidarity with the workers but because what I wanted to eat wasn’t on the special menu. But it occurred to me that a day without immigrants would require other people doing jobs currently performed by immigrants. In the past few months hundreds of thousands have rallied in support of immigration rights in response to a harsh cruel immigration bill passed by the U.S. House of Representatives, which would make it among other things a felony for the illicit stay in the United States and would greatly fine business for hiring illegal immigrants. It is an understatement to say that the immigration debate in America is complex. The United States is itself a nation of immigrants some voluntary, others as in the case of black ancestors, involuntary.

Pro-immigrant advocates argue that America could not function without those who work in the shadows of the American economy. Those on the other side of the debate argue that illegal aliens drive down real wages because there are so many workers willing to work for less than what they would be paid. CONTINUE

Miller If We’re at War, Let's Limit Oil Profits by Gene C. Gerard

President Bush frequently compares the war in Iraq to World War II. While giving the commencement speech at the U.S. Air Force Academy Mr. Bush noted, “Like the Second World War, our present conflict began with a ruthless surprise attack on the United States.” While speaking at a ceremony commemorating the 60th anniversary of World War II, Mr. Bush again made comparisons between the two conflicts. He said, “As we mark this anniversary, we are again a nation at war. Once again, war came to our shores with a surprise attack that killed thousands in cold blood.”

While many Americans are dubious about these comparisons, perhaps we should take the president at his word. Maybe we are engaged in a global war. If that’s the case, then there is ample precedent for Mr. Bush to limit oil profits. Americans expect the president to do something that will lower the cost of gasoline. CONTINUE

oil spill Oil Pollution and the Effect on the World by Sacha Tarkovsky

Needless to mention, this is a very complex and sensitive subject. However, anyone over 50 years old can remember a childhood where the environment was quite different. The world’s population insane dependence on fossil fuels (while there are acceptable and non-polluting alternatives) is basically killing our clean and environment, and us with it.

What is Oil Pollution? Oil pollution is simply the spilling of crude or refined petroleum product into the environment. There are some staggering statistics that follow CONTINUE

Miller Black Women Ruling

Black women have taken political control of the nations of Liberia and Jamaica and a third Black woman is the fourth in line of the American presidency.

Portia Simpson-Miller was recently sworn in is as the first woman Prime Minister of Jamaica and immediately faces great challenges in curing Jamaica’s chronic poverty and crime. Liberia’s President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf faces the enormous challenge of rebuilding a nation torn due to over a decade of war and a century of division. Although these challenges are great the fact that they are women heads of state is historic. President Johnson-Sirleaf is the first woman African ruler since pre-colonial Africa and Portia Simpson-Miller is the first black woman head of state in the Western hemisphere. And although American Secretary of State Condi Rice’s political views and affiliations are abhorrent to BlackState she is nonetheless the first black woman to be Secretary of State of the United States, and she consistently polls high as a potential republican presidential candidate. This fact is unheard of in American political history. CONTINUE

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Housing Cuts for the Poor, Tax Cuts for the Rich by Gene C. Gerard

President Bush’s 2007 budget that was released last month includes significant cuts in housing assistance. The new budget for the Housing Choice Voucher Program underfunds 70 percent of the state and municipal housing agencies that oversee the program, according to a study by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. Although the Republican Congress has debated the cuts affecting the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), it appears unlikely that Mr. Bush’s cuts will be opposed. Ironically, Congress is also considering yet another tax cut for the wealthy.

The voucher program is the country’s largest low-income housing program. It provides poor households with vouchers they can use to rent housing in the private sector. Since 2004 voucher assistance for over 100,000 families have been cut because HUD doesn’t allocate the vouchers based on current needs. Mr. Bush’s 2007 budget relies on the same funding formula that has caused the shortages in the past few years. CONTINUE

UN Iraq Spelled Backwards: Three Years Later Still In Babylon
First, the horrible numbers three years later American soldiers are still fighting and dying in Iraq. Over 2300 have died, tens of thousands of soldiers seriously wounded and it’s likely that over 40,000 Iraqi civilians have been killed. Over 10 times the number of human life lost on 9/11. Meanwhile Bush’s response whose poll numbers are Warren Harding like, is to stay the course, whatever, that course may be. Can anyone articulate what the mission in Iraq is now? Can anyone name the previous reasons for attacking Iraq? One wonders as time and the years go on whether each year there will be a new reason articulated as to why the United States invaded Iraq. Jeopardy 2010:
“Alex I will take reasons for invading Iraq for $1000”
“Here is the answer, weapons of mass destruction”
“What is the first reason of invading Iraq?”
“That is correct!!!”
Let’s run down some of the list of reasons: Weapons of mass destruction? Iraq and 9/11? Freedom? Democracy? A front on the war on terror? The reasons for war do not matter, as the “Downing Street” memos indicated the Bush administration intended to fix the intelligence around the fact they wanted to invade Iraq. CONTINUE

Oprah For President! Impossible Dream or Unconventional Reality? by Peggy Butler

Oscar- winning actress Geena Davis isn't president of The free world, but she does play the chief executive on TV. Davis stars in Commander-in-Chief, as the female vice president who ascends to the oval office when the president is rendered incapacitated.

The show is so popular, it's prompting many to ask, " Is America ready for a woman to lead the country?" According to a poll conducted by the White House Project, a non-partisan organization, it is. The survey found that 79% of Americans would accept a woman as president and 63% think that a female could occupy the White House within 10 years. CONTINUE

A Columbus Day Hypothesis For Bill Bennett

Dear Bill Bennett:

You like hypotheticals, consider, now just consider this theoretical hypothesis. Now it is true that white people are by and large responsible for the death and destruction of human beings on the planet earth for the past 500 years. Not to mention the destruction to the earth itself. No one disputes the destruction inflicted by the pale horse. Now if all white babies were aborted in 1491, would there be peace on earth today. The answer is probably yes. As horrible and ridiculous of aborting all white babies would be. There would have been no genocide of Native Americans, no continuous genocide of African people and of the resources of the African continent itself. Yes, it is probably true that there would be peace on earth.

Jesse Jessie: Abort Bill Bennett And Right-Wing Racist

Bill Bennett’s Comments Emerge from an Ideology that is Classic White Supremacy, Rev. Jesse Jackson says in a statement released by the Rainbow/Push Coalition.

"Bill Bennett’s statement was a morally degenerate statement that had genocide as its logical conclusion. His statement comes from a philosophy that blacks are a problem. It is an ideology of white supremacy. This is classic supremacy, white Neanderthal supremacy.

The tragedy of Bennett’s comment is that he still influences public policy. He was grappling with a possible solution that was very offensive. Like so many right-wingers, he has been a wolf in sheep’s clothing for a long time. His comments remind us of the derogatory statements made by others: Trent Lott, wishing Strom Thurmond had been president; and Mrs. (Dorothy) Bush, saying the evacuees lying on the floor of the Houston Astrodome were better off than they were in New Orleans. These are cultural statements, and they remind all us of the deeply rooted compulsion of racism."

Why Did All the Voting Errors Favor Bush?

The re-election of George W. Bush as President of the United States has sparked as much controversy (at least online) as his selection as President by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2000. Why? Electronic Voting. Electronic voting, without a paper trail, thought to be the answer to the problem of butterfly ballots and pregnant chads has turned out to be more unreliable than counting paper. Why all the fuss? Well it seems clear now that electronic voting machines can be manipulated to favor a candidate, stop counting votes or reverse count votes. The controversy rages in Ohio the state that decided the 2004 election. Here is an example of the problem, in Franklin County Ohio, a precinct using electronic voting recorded 4258 votes for Bush where only 638 voters cast ballots. This precinct in this county did not do a good job of hiding the potential fraud. The CEO of Diebold Inc the makers of electronic voting machines in Ohio stated in a 2003 fund-raising letter to his fellow Republicans that he is "committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president next year." It seems he came through with is prediction. There is no telling of how many voting errors like this occurred on election day but slowly stories of voter fraud is trickling out into the mainstream.

Statistically one would think that the errors in electronic voting would have occurred equally to the benefit of each candidate. If there were a problem with an electronic voting machine than Kerry and Bush would at some point receive more or less votes than actually recorded. But this did not happen! Every single electronic voting error gave Bush more votes! Statistically this is impossible without some sort of tampering! This is the case. This is the conspiracy in plain sight. Continue Here

Ten Reasons Why Conservatives Love George W. Bush: A satirical and humorous look at the man conservatives dub one of the greatest chief executives to occupy the White House.

by Peggy Butler

10. Great Articulation. During his press conferences I’ve yet to hear the president mispronounce a word or desecrate the English language. Moreover, I’ve never heard him utter anything of a moronic nature. Well, except for the time when he said "I know how hard it is for you to put food on your family.” And lets not forget he also stated, “I am honored to shake the hand of a brave Iraqi citizen who had his hand cut off by Saddam Hussein.” On second thought, it’s clear that we have to deviate from the articulate angle. What a pity! Click Here To Continue

You Let America Down, A Letter To John Kerry by A BlackState Citizen

I am one of many who still rage about the 2000 election. Both at the outright injustice of all the tricks and scams that sent George Bush to the white house – but also at the failure of the American people to appreciate the true weight of what it met for our country and democracy and to stand up against this hostile republican take over. That is why I was so happy when you said that you would not concede until all the votes had been counted – and why I am outraged when I woke up on November 3rd to your concession speech. Continue Here

kerry-jackson Vote For Kerry or Die Trying

On November 2, 2004 African Americans, must go to the polls and vote for the next President of the United States. It is not only imperative that we vote but that we vote for the right man to lead the United States. And because that choice is between George W. Bush and John Kerry, John Kerry is the clear choice over George W. Bush. Bush has done nothing to speak to the ills of the black community in urban and rural America. We must not only Vote or Die, to borrow from P. Diddy, we must vote for John Kerry or at least die trying because of the many Republican efforts to suppress the black vote. DON’T LET THEM FOOL YOU IF YOU ARE REGISTERED TO VOTE YOU CAN VOTE. DON’T LET THEM STOP YOU FROM VOTING!!!

It has been widely discussed how the state of Florida, led by Jeb Bush criminally purged African American voters from the voter rolls in 2000 helping give Bush the presidency. These racists through their Republican operatives have led efforts to do the same throughout the United States especially in the so-called swing states. From Nevada to Ohio, to Michigan to Florida again, there have been massive complaints of official misconduct on the part of Republican election officials, trying to prevent the registration of Democrats.

Republicans are trying to suppress the black vote

When African Americans turn out in large numbers in Presidential elections, the democrats usually win. Republicans know this and because this election appears to be as close as 2000, they need to prevent African Americans from voting if they are to have a prayer of winning, this is how they stole Florida and possibly Missouri in 2000.

A political party that is trying to prevent you from voting does not deserve your vote. Click Here To Continue

Bush America He's Still Not Our President!

Maybe Lincoln should have let the red states go. There are too many fundamental disagreements with the direction this country should go. The so-called moral value vote is what did in John Kerry. This was led by ballot measures to make gay marriages illegal, mostly in states in which it was already illegal. It is obvious that this so-called value vote is a cover for white male racist and homophobes. These voters in the red states were only democrat in name 40 years ago they were often referred to as dixiecrats who voted Democrat because of the civil war but started to vote republican because of civil rights and desegregation.We cannot keep fighting these same battles with those in previous forms justified slavery lynchings and segregation.

Playing on Americans fears and on divisive issues George W. Bush appears to have been elected President (he was never elected in 2000 so he cannot be “re-elected”) of the United States.

George W. Bush is not the President of all the people. America is a divided nation the entire west coast of the United States went for John Kerry. African Americans preferred John Kerry 90% to 10%. The entire northeast of the United States voted for John Kerry. States with the largest cities in America all went for John Kerry. George W. Bush is not the President of all the people. Why should the 48% of Americans that voted against him be subjected to his right wing agenda?

There are issues in questions that remain. Was there voter fraud and intimidation in Ohio just because the media says it has not happened in our experience does not make it so. We do not know how many votes from African American districts in Ohio were thrown out or simply not counted. Republican officials in Ohio have tried through voter intimidation and fraud to deny the black vote in Ohio. We may never know if John Kerry ceded the election prematurely especially with hundreds of thousands provisional ballots outstanding.

History will note that the election of George W. Bush as a sad day in the history of the United States if not the world.

bush lying Liars, Thieves and Killers: The Miserable Failure that is the George W. Bush Administration

By all statistical accounts the four years of George W. Bush has been one of the worse administrations in American political history. This is not political partisanship this is truth. The tragic events of 9/11 happened on his watch; He lied about weapons of mass destruction being Iraq when he knew intelligence said otherwise; He lied about a connection between Iraq and Al-Queda illegally starting a war with Iraq instead of using those troops and resources to capture Bin Ladin and those responsible for 9/11; and Bush, Cheney, and their corporate cronies are unapologetic in their looting of the American people and the Iraqis with no bid contracts and untold millions; Domestically the budget deficit is at a record 500 billion dollars when Bush inherited a surplus; Over 2 million jobs were lost on his watch and the new ones created pay less and cost more to be insured; He has offered no plan for fixing the healthcare crises at all except for giving tax breaks to the insurance industry and attacking attorneys who sue for people who got screwed by the insurance companies and healthcare providers.

Bush has been running on 9/11 but lets take another look. He must take some responsibility for the events of 9/11 whether it is was a failure of intelligence on the part of government agencies or a failure of his own intelligence. The truth is as the 9/11 commission points out the Bush administration did not take Al-Queda to be as serious threat as the previous administration. We will never know whether holding high-level meetings on terrorism as Richard Clark suggested could have prevented the tragedies, as it did in preventing the millennium attacks. Bush is responsible for the 9/11 attacks at some level.

He refused to testify to the 9/11 Commission without the presence of Dick Cheney and refused to testify under oath about what he knew prior to 9/11. The American people will never know the truth about his family dealings with the Saudi Royal kingdom including the family of Bin Ladin and how if at all this may have led to the tragic events of that day. The buck stops with him. He loves to claim to be Commander in Chief but he does not admit mistakes and take responsibility for his actions. In fact, Bush has a pattern of not taking personal responsibility for his actions, inaction and mistakes. Real leaders take responsibility for there actions. It has been alleged that Bush skipped out on his National Guard service, used illegal drugs and was pulled over for a DUI. Click Here To Continue

Thoughts on the Democratic National Convention

John Kerry:
John Kerry clearly and effective made the case on why he should replace Bush as President of the United States. He represented himself to be strong leader on defense and will defend the civil rights and liberties of all Americans. One thing is also clear he is a war hero. In these times of change we don’t need one who joined the national guard to avoid service and one who has not gone to a single funeral for those who have died in his elective war to remove his fathers nemesis. We need strength with honor and that’s what John Kerry will give America. No memos recommending how to get around international law regarding torture would come from a Kerry administration. No secret meetings with oil executives to come up with energy policy and no kick-back deals for corporations that cabinet members use to work for.

John Edwards:
Made a great speech telling Americans that hope is on the way when they elect Kerry and Edwards. Edwards discussed specific policy proposals and told the audience that everywhere is where we discuss problems of race in this country not just to selected audiences in which he received a resounding applause.

Barrack Obama:
Obama the state senator of Illinois running for the United States Senate if elected would become only the third African American in the United States Senate a deplorable number. His speech a instant classic (click here to read) discussed the challenges facing America and the need for unity in America regardless of ones background. He also took on the black community echoing Cosby comments that we know government cannot do everything we need parents to step up and to teach our kids that black child with a book is not acting white. Click Here To Continue

Politics Feature:

Are There Blacks in Brazil: And Ten Other Reasons Why Bush Must Be Fired

10. “Fool me once shame on you fool me…uhhh.. can’t fool me again” the American people should fire Bush for not knowing the rest of this phrase alone.

9. He was never hired. He didn’t get the most votes but still became President. In no other sphere do you win when you get less than your opponent. And don’t get me started about the Florida debacle, how Jeb Bush criminally purged from the voter polls lawfully registered black voters and how the right wing Supreme Court led by Cheney’s fishing partner Justice Scalia gave the election to Bush.

8. Are there blacks in Brazil. Bush said this in meeting with the former President of Brazil. Startled before the Brazilian president could respond Condi Rice jumped in and informed the president that Brazil is very diverse and has the largest black population outside of Africa itself. If you don’t know that Brazil has black people you should not be President of the United States.

7. Seven stands for the $7 trillion dollar national debt. After coming into office with a budget surplus.

6. Dick Cheney. No previous Vice-president has had so much clout and influence over a presidency. And as the former CEO of Halliburton he has made sure that his old pals own most of Iraq through no bid government contracts. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE


Give Al Sharpton A Chance

Al Sharpton is the man who gets the most applauds at the Democratic primary showdowns yet he is not getting any respect from the mainstream media. His Presidential campaign has raised only about a $140,000 and yet he according to a recent Zogby poll he is polling in second place in the South Carolina primary. In a recent interview to the Associated Press, Sharpton stated, "I think when you look at the lack of diversity in the newsrooms, when you look at the lack of diversity from the editors and those in power, then you see them as automatically dismissive of anything that is not like them, which is white males…I think we've seen some very blatant racial insensitivity in the coverage of this race so far”

In responding to the Media’s anointing of former Vermont Governor Howard Dean as the frontrunner, “When I come to Iowa, they ask how can Sharpton get the white vote," said Sharpton. "I've run in New York and gotten more white votes in my races than he's gotten black votes in Vermont? Why aren't we talking about that?" he stated.

Sharpton does have a point all though he has not raised as much money as the other contenders in national democratic polls he continues to poll at or about as other lesser known candidates such as Dennis Kucinich and Bob Graham. And Sharpton’s appearances on Tim Russert’s Meet The Press have resulted in Sharpton not getting a chance to talk about the issues but about Sharpton defending his some of his pass personal behavior. Russert on Meet The Press can ask Sharpton about his past but is afraid to ask Vice-President Chaney about his former corporation’s dealings in Iraq, and his energy task force meeting notes (which probably reveal plans to attack Iraq as early as in 2001) and phony reasons for entering the war in Iraq. But we digress keep on fighting Al, the people hear you.

Department of Business Politics and Economics: How Brad and Emily took Jamal and Lakisha’s job

Attention African American’s struggling to find a job in today’s job market, George W. Bush’s miserable economic policies may not be the only reason for your unemployment. It could be your name.

According to a study conducted by the University of Chicago Business School, your name may have something to do with who gets the call back interviews. Researchers conducted an experiment to measure racial discrimination in the labor market by sending out the same resume with “white” sounding names and “black” sounding names in answering the same want ads. The research concluded that white names elicit about 50% more call backs than black sounding names.

White sounding names such as Emily, Brad, Todd and Jill do significantly better in the job market with the same credentials as Jamal, Tanisha, Tyrome and Lakisha. Proving that education alone will not alleviate the unfair racial prejudices some employers hold. That absent affirmative action, white employers will choose white applicants. Although not the goal of the study, it proves that affirmative action continues to be necessary to provide some sort of equity in the job market. Unemployment for African Americans is double that of white Americans 11.8 percent compared to 5.5 percent for White Americans.

African American Child Poverty

The number of African American children who live in extreme poverty has risen sharply since 2000 according to a study by the Children's Defense Fund, a child welfare advocacy group.

In 2001, the last year for which government figures are available, nearly one million black children were living in families with after-tax incomes that were less than half the poverty line. The poverty line for a family of three was about $14,100. A family of three living in extreme poverty had a disposable income of about $7,060.

According to the Children's Defense Fund:

Nearly one in three Black children (30.2 percent) and more than one in four Hispanic children (28.0 percent) are poor in America, compared to 9.5 percent of Non-Hispanic White children and 11.5 percent of Asian and Pacific Islander children.

There are more poor White Non-Hispanic children (4.2 million) than poor Black children (3.5 million) or poor Hispanic children (3.6 million), even though the proportion of Black and Hispanic children who are poor is far higher. More poor children live in suburban and rural areas than in central cities. Poor families have only 2.2 children on average.

Poverty matters. Poor children are at least twice as likely as nonpoor children to suffer stunted growth or lead poisoning, or to be kept back in school. Poor children score significantly lower on reading, math and vocabulary tests when compared with otherwise-similar nonpoor children. More than half of poor Americans (55 percent) experience serious deprivations during the year (defined as lack of food, utility shutoffs, crowded or substandard housing, or lack of a stove or refrigerator). Poor households are more than 15 times as likely to experience hunger.

Ten out of five children in families headed by single women (39.3 percent) were poor in 2001. Only 8.0 percent of children in married families were poor.

For more information click here Children's Defense Fund

Keep these figures in mind as your Congress approves more tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and gives hundreds of billions of dollars to “rebuild” Iraq.


Redistribution of Black Wealth?

In just about every immigrant community that came to the shores of the United states in the early part of the 20th century there was a belief that not only the individual but the community as a whole should work collectively to build wealth and pursue the American dream. The African American community has heretofore pursued wealth and the American dream not collectively but individually which has hindered the upward mobility of the group. Although the values of the United States and the capitalist mantra are that of individual rights and individual pursuits, the way of the dollar, the truth is however most immigrant communities whether Jewish, Irish, Italian or Korean pursued group wealth by means more resembling socialism. They Sharing in terms of means of grants and loans to each other shopping at each other’s businesses. African American consumption is in the billions, but little of this consumption is given to African American based businesses.

The combined salaries of the top 25 African American NBA players are over $300 million dollars. The combined salaries of the NBA All stars were close to $1 Billion dollars. Oprah Winfrey was just listed on the Forbes list of billionaires becoming the first African American woman to achieve this honor. BET founder and newest NBA owner Robert Johnson is reportedly worth over $2 Billion dollars. Entertainment moguls such as Russell Simmons, Sean “P.Diddy” Combs, and Master P assets combined are worth over $1 Billion dollars. Not to mention NFL players and that famous golfer Tiger Woods.

There are many foundations and organizations working for and within black communities funded by black athletes and entertainers and from careers of all types but there needs to be more of a centralized effort amongst these groups to fund college education, fund health care clinics, food banks, alcohol and drug rehab, job training and to provide low interest loans and start up grants for businesses in the African American community.

Individually African Americans will continue to grow and prosper but if a group mentality existed more would be doing allot better faster. (3/03)


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