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Short Division: The legacy of George W. Bush, Karl Rove and the Politics of Fear

No other political operative with an office in the White House has done more to divide the citizens of the United States in seven years, than anyone else in a generation. By some political pundits he is called Bush's brain or the genius. But to others genius is not the first word tha comes to mind when it comes to longtime Bush political advisor Karl Rove its criminal. Karl Rove was intimately involved in the smear campaign of Valerie Plame, the firing of U.S. attorneys for investigatring republican lawmakers, the campaign to use gay marriage on staet wide ballots as a means to get out evangelivcals in teh 2004 election, (in some states where it was already banned). As soon as he stepped foot from the White House he should have been placed in handcuffs.

The allegations: He is alleged to have helped undermind the 2004 election in Ohio, by conspiring with the state top election officials in limiting ballot boxes in democratic ditrricts creating, thereby creating long lines, preventing people from voting. It has been alleged by some that he was invollved in the strange electronic voting day occruences, communicating with local precints as they tabulated the votes. Still no one can explaing why in many places where there was electronic voting why in some precints there were more votes for Bush than there were actual registered voters and why all of the electronic voting errors favored Bush, and none favored Kerry. Not only strange but a statistacal impossibility absent tampering. But we digress, Karl Rove's legacy and the legacy of his supervisor George W. Bush will be short lived, hopefully the politics of divide and conquer will end with the end of this neroist regime.

The fact there is twelve months to the end of the Bush Administration is the best socio-political economic news the U.S. has had in well seven years. Great job Karl, no policy, no advancing the ball, came in with a surplus gonna leave with a huge deficit, one is suppose to leave the presidency slightly better than one entered not the case here. Bush's legacy will be filled with the following: wrong war in Iraq, not capturing Osama, exhibiting grossly unconsitutional presidential privilege rivaling Chavez, enacting Presidential signing statements which have no force of law but serves to try to limit clear congressional intent, the wiretapping of American citizens without a warrant, holding American citizens without charge, this list alone was simply unimagineable at the end of the Clinton administration...

The American people will not know the grossness of this regime until years after it has left office. One is not sure if Congress should wait the 12 months to get the supbpoenas going.

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