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Intelligent, Successful Black Woman Dating Men That Run All Over Them

By: Askme

"Smart Dummies" is the new label given to women that allow men to run all over them. When a woman feels that a man is running all over her and decides to stay in the relationship, there is something going on within her that might just boil down to a fear of the consequences of change. She recognizes that change could culminate in loneliness. She might fear that she will only end up in the same situation all over again with someone else and is just plain sick of dating. It could just be that she is uncertain as to whether the next man is going to be able to make love to her the way the current one does.

I think there are plenty of women that allow men to run all over them because they have become depressed -- pressed for affection, romance, someone that cares for her, someone to share herself with without any worries that she is being used as some man's play thing. It is only human to want this for herself.

Typically, the relationships will start off exciting and fulfilling. And once she's put in the energy and effort to get to know someone that she, too, feels is special, he changes up and decides to test her limits. She recognizes that he is being childish, recognizes this as a negative change, but thinks (hopes) that he will outgrow this stage and the relationship will return to its positive state. Unfortunately, when he doesn't outgrow this silly stage for months on end, her patience ends and she has to make a decision. If she's a busy professional, she might just leave things be until she can take time to think things through, and this might appear to him that he can run over her. He really believes that this intelligent woman has lost it for him and that she will accept whatever bull he dishes out.

The smart woman, once she has had a chance to fully analyze the relationship, has taken it all in. If she isn't getting what she wants from the relationship, she is going to drop him like a hot potato and never look back. When she doesn't, it is because the consequences of ending the relationship are more harsh from her perspective. Perhaps the smart dummies are the women getting what they want and not what it is that you want for them.

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