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About Us online since July 2000 is the premiere African American and African Diaspora Online Political and Cultural News Magazine.

BlackState featured content is updated weekly and monthly. BlackState newsfeeds are updated daily.

As a testimony to the strength of BlackState its articles and features have been cited in books and blogs alike. BlackState may be the longest continously running online political and cultural news magazine centered around African America and the African diaspora.

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"I like this website, the articles are very eye opening and inspirational. I am very moved by this website, Thank you!" -BlackState Citizen

"A very useful site." -Democracy Now


"Its great that there is uncensored news out there for the black and proud consumer!" -BlackState Citizen

Anything that is genuinely towards the empowerment of the black folk i do welcome. Thank you for this vision. -BlackState Citizen

"Thank you for shareing information,knowledge and the faith" -BlackState Citizen

"It is good exists as a vehicle offering alternative insights to the corporate media propaganda and spin machine whose content is designed to reduce the populus to mindless automatons and Pavlovian reactionaries. Stay strong!"-BlackState Citizen

"You are a blessing" -BlackState Citizen


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